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Service Pricing


Service prices for a range of offerings. Costs are baseline. Your car may demand a larger fee due to the complexity of the job, such as more sophisticated window shapes or areas that make the glass difficult to access. For example, many European sedans are challenging to tint. We are now offering ceramic films!

Please see more information about tinting here.

Spray-In Bed Liners

Prices assume the truck bed is in good shape, with no rust or significant dents. If the surface requires work to restore the surface, there will be additional cost. Looking to coat something custom? Get a hold of us here.

Remote Start Systems

There is nothing better than getting into a warm car after having to run through the snow. We use Firstech systems (NuStart, Compustar, Arctic Start, FTX) and iDataStart, long-time innovators in the industry. Prices assume there is no previous install and nothing about the factory setup inhibits the install.

Most vehicles are simple enough to install a system into. Some vehicles, like select Fords and Volkswagens, require an extra key, which could add cost to your install. Others, like Mercedes-Benz and BMW require more expensive hardware. Call for details.

Please see more information about remote start installs here.

Tonneau Covers

We can source a wide range of tonneau covers for any truck. While we do not carry anything in stock, turn-around is usually a day or two. The ones listed below are our most popular options, but call if you have something else in mind.

Note: Our installation charge is $45.

Service pricing for a range of offerings.