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Bed Liners

Installing a spray-on bed liner onto your truck not only looks rugged but keeps your truck bed protected and appearing unabused for years to come.

Messenger Motorworks installs high-quality Turbo Liner bed liners using industrial-strength polyurea and professional techniques for a liner that lasts.

We have worked hard to perfect our surface preparation techniques and spray methodology to ensure our liners are consistent, strong, long-lasting, and good looking. Recent upgrades to our equipment and spray environment mean our customers are getting a modern and dependable product every time.

At Messenger Motorworks we proudly use Turbo Liner polyurea products. Technically speaking, this product is a Hot Spray Polyurea coating that uses high pressure heated equipment for its application. When sprayed, the material comes through the equipment at 160-165°F with a spray pressure of approximately 2200psi. The heating of the material speeds up the application process. As Turbo Liner is being sprayed it takes 6-8 seconds to set up and is ready to use for normal use in just 6 hours. 



Polyurea is a type of polymer plastic that consists of two components. These components only come together when you pull the trigger of the spray gun, when a unique reaction takes place in which the molecules of the components interlock and no longer want to let go of each other. This ensures that the material that just formed is extremely tough.

Water Tight

Due to the density of polyurea, the liner forms a waterproof membrane almost immediately upon settling onto the surface. That property along with our thorough prep means you can think of this as applying a second skin by spraying this product onto any surface. So quality prepping + molecular density of the coating = ultimate waterproof protection. 


Two main properties give this attribute. Firstly, our coating is still somewhat flexible, which means that cargo or people will slightly sink into the coating on a microscopic level. Secondly, we provide every loading floor or cargo area with a special misty spray texture. We do that as the final part of a treatment to apply an extra anti-slip layer and a cool rugged look.

Chemical Resistance

Here you can find a list of chemicals that have been tested in combination with Turbo Liner. Our polyurea coating is resistant to most of the chemicals on this list. There are some substances that the material just won’t agree with, so we put them on the list so you can see what not to use. In general, our product is many times more resistant than any alternative.

Impact Resistant

The strength of Turbo Liner is not the hardness, but rather the toughness, meaning that there is flexibility/elasticity at play. Our product has an elongation of approximately 200%, ensuring the coating can take significant impacts without cracking or deforming. This also means that your vehicle’s movements and flex will not alter or damage the liner.

OE Appearance

Because Turbo Liner is sprayed and not mounted, it is a surface treatment that conforms and follows to the surface on which it is sprayed. You get a custom plastic protection that fits like nothing else. The rough texture also makes it look very aesthetic. We call this a ‘factory-like finish’, it is so perfect that it looks like it came straight out of the factory this way.


Details & Warnings

Bed Liner Information

  • Installs in new trucks and trucks with beds in good condition will be warrantied for ten years.
  • Installs on trucks with worn beds or beds with rust will not be warrantied.
  • The truck must be brought in clean, or there will be costs for cleaning the bed.
  • Any accessories like covers or toolboxes must be removed prior to appointment, or there will be costs for removing and reinstalling.

Accessory Liner Information

  • We can and will coat accessories with our liner, but there will be no warranty.
  • We prefer you bring in accessories off vehicle and pre-prepped, however we will uninstall and prep, costs associated will be applied.
  • Accessories with existing rust or corrosion will likely bubble the material in a short amount of time.