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Electronic Upgrades

Remote Start

In our climate, remote start is more of a necessity than a luxury. Messenger Motorworks sets the standard for installation and functionality by using Firstech integrated systems (branded as either NuStart or Compustar), and iDataLink bypasses and harnesses. Our installations are as minorly invasive as possible, with the use of model-specific harnesses and programmable modules that communicate with your car in a safe manner.

We can install most make and models. There are some exceptions to this, as there are some European manufacturers that do not allow for aftermarket installation.

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System Install Information

  • Installs into older vehicles that could potentially have electrical issues due to age will not be warrantied, though we will always do our best to diagnose issues and help if we can.
  • Vehicle electronics are changing all the time, and we keep up with the industry. Sometimes, a car simply cannot receive a remote start system, and we’ll do our best to communicate this.
  • We can install remote start on some manual transmissions, but depending on options and firmware, it isn’t possible on all. There is a $200 additional charge for this.

Electronic upgrades to make your car more comfortable and more fun. Remote start systems, audio upgrades, and lighting upgrades.