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Appearance Upgrades


We pride ourselves in being one of the elite tint shops in the area. In addition to constantly working on improving the work environment to reduce contamination, we utilize a CNC plotter to cut our tint patterns. This in combination with our wet-install process ensure a perfect fit every time with no risk to your vehicle.

Messenger Motorworks currently offers two types of films, both leaders in their respective categories. Our standard tint is a metal-free, non-reflective charcoal film with a lifetime warranty; this is a very high-quality film that is guaranteed never to fade. Our premium film is a nanoceramic material that leads the industry in color, heat rejection and infrared ray rejection.

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Tint Service Information:

  • Films are warrantied for 10 years.
  • Application is guaranteed against peeling and air pockets long-term.
  • Films are installed wet and have a cure time of up to one month before all moisture has baked in, initial bubbles and hazing are normal.
  • While we do warranty against contamination from our environment, we cannot warranty against contamination in dusty or otherwise dirty vehicles or glass with grime from smoking. It is a good idea to bring your vehicle in as clean as possible.
  • For retints where we are stripping off your old tint and replacing, the rear windshields will not be warrantied because it is nearly impossible to get all remaining glue off because a blade cannot be used.
  • You are subject to tint laws in your state, we are not liable for illegal tints.

Windshield Tint Information:

  • Tinting your windshield is not recommended as it significantly reduces visibility at night.
  • Since films go on wet, there is a chance of damage to electronics no matter how well we protect the dashboard. Damage is extremely rare, but it can happen.
  • There is no warranty or guarantee with windshield tint, and we are not liable for damages related to the installation.

Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle’s finish with professionally applied clear paint protection film. Bugs, small rocks, sand, and other debris from the road are constantly pelting the front of your car or truck every time you drive down the road.

We offer several patterns and styles of PPF, from simple hood bras to full front-edge protection to fully wrapped panels.

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Make your ride your own by adding a bespoke graphics package or pin stripping. If you can think it up, we can make it happen. Or see something in a magazine you liked? Show us. Messenger Motorworks has a graphic artist on staff.

We also specialize in business lettering for work vehicles, adding long-lasting value to your truck or van.

There are many types of material available in this industry, and we are familiar with many of them. There is always the right material for the job depending on need and use. Talk to us about your needs!

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Light Tinting

Those bright red taillights can be an eyesore on some cars, while those shiny chrome headlights can appear tacky. Fortunately, there are a couple solutions.

Option one: A relatively new product to the market, we use an air-release film specifically made for wrapping automotive light fixtures. We carry two shades: a smoked color that gives the fixture a darkened hue, and a black-out shade that pulled much of the color from the fixture.

Option two: Our preferred method, and one we must use on more complicated housings, is a spray tint product by VHT. It is more resistant to temperature changes, and because it is a spray it can be applied to lights of any shape. This should however be considered a permanent installation. 

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Appearance upgrades for cars and trucks. Window tinting, light tinting, paint protection film, and graphics.